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Dr. Buchinger
Karen Buchinger, DVM
I grew up in California and have always had animals around me. It seemed natural I should become a veterinarian. I enjoy spending time with my partner, playing with our dogs and cats, and being outdoors. I also love to travel and see new places. But when I am working I like being a general practitioner, so I can help all those dogs and cats who need us.

Dr. Harris
Kristen Harris, DVM
I grew up in the Central Valley with cows in the backyard, cats in the house, and a constant rotation of neighborhood dogs. After graduating from Stanford I attended UC Davis, focusing on dermatology and surgery. I practiced for six years in Marin County where I handled everything from semi-feral barn cats to champion show dogs, caring for both pets and their families. My husband and I live in Alameda with our two children, two cats, and an English Setter named Ozzie.

Dr. Granzow
Elinor Granzow, DVM
I grew up in Seattle, suffered through four cold years at Cornell, and graduated from vet school at UC Davis in 2007. I completed a small animal internship in NJ and worked in emergency before moving to the Bay Area in 2010, where I have worked in general practice seeing dogs, cats, birds, and other exotic pets. I live in Alameda with a cat and an amazon parrot, and we all love it here. I particularly enjoy feline medicine and preventative care in all species.

Dr. Wagner
Laura Wagner, BVetMed, MRCVS
I’m an SF native and currently reside in Alameda. I received my degree in veterinary medicine in 2005 from the Royal Veterinary College at the University of London. I’m a member of the CVMA, AVMA, and RCVS. I love outdoor activities and adventures. My main activities center around my family. I have two young boys, who keep me running and laughing all day. I have two totally amazing cats, Al and Herc, as well as an energetic dog (a lab-pointer cross named Cash). Life is fun and busy with this menagerie.

Customer Service/Reception Staff

Christine     Christine
I have been living in Alameda for many years. Part of my family are 3 young kitties who turn my house upside down and my Greyhound Darcy. In my free time Darcy and I go on long walks and road trips. I enjoy being around cats and dogs and working at APH.

M-C     M-C
I’ve worked in the veterinary field for over 27 years. I have worked with all kinds of animals from pelicans and sea lions with the Marine Mammal Center to mountain lions and owls with the Lindsey Wildlife Museum. I’ve also trained dogs for the disabled and helped to rescue former racing greyhounds for more than 15 years. Currently, I share my home and heart with three rescue dogs—a Whippet and two Chinese Cresteds, a senior Siamese, and a Leopard Gecko.

Katie     Katie
I started working in the field professionally at a shelter about 4 years ago, but grew up on a farm with chickens, sheep, goats, and dogs of course, so I’ve always been around animals. I have studied dog behavior, worked at a dog day care and animal hospital since. I have Gus, a 1-year-old chocolate lab, and two 8-year-old cats, Kiara and Kovu, who I rescued as kittens.

Janine     Janine
I was raised with many different animals such as rats, a rabbit, birds, snakes, a pot-bellied pig, cats, and dogs. I’m notorious for rescuing strays and injured animals. While growing up I volunteered at the Lodi Animal Shelter and all around town for pet adoption events, and it has remained firmly rooted in me to find my way back to helping animals. In my spare time I like to get outdoors with my husband to explore the bay, go to hockey games, and take camping/off-roading trips. I’m very fortunate to be part of the APH family and look forward to many years with them!

Rebekah     Rebekah
I grew up in Alameda and love being a part of this community. When I’m not working I love to take my dog hiking in the Oakland Hills or to the dog park in Alameda. If you see us be sure to say “hi”!

Kennel Staff

Rosa     Rosa
Photo of chicken I have worked at APH for over 15 years. I also teach music at Las Semillitas Cooperative Preschool in Alameda, Oakland Garden School, and Fun Time Daycare and Little Inti Daycare-Preschool, both in El Cerrito. I have my own Afro-Peruvian band. We perform a variety of Latin and Afro-Peruvian music at restaurants, private parties, and other venues, including La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. And I’m an active member of the Sanctuary Felicedad in Peru, where I help raise funds to rescue, feed, and treat homeless dogs and cats. My love of animals, though, always brings me home to my dog, Guapo.

Michael     Michael
I am relatively new to working at the hospital, but I have been around pets and animals for most of my life. I enjoy meeting and taking care of all the different dogs and cats that come to stay with us. Making connections with the animals in order to make their stay more pleasant and building relationships with their owners gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I have three cats and a dog at home that act like a pack of rascals, but I love them so much I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Veterinary Nursing Staff

Cassidy     Cassidy, RVT
Yes, I really am that happy to see your pet!

Taniko     Taniko, RVT
I couldn’t be happier to have found a place where the ideals and passion for animals is equal to my own. I have been in the animal industry for six years as a dog handler. Now I am moving forward to a new area of expertise as a veterinary technician. I live for my own pets: my two dogs (Cappuccino and T-Bone) and my cat (Dawn). I’m Livin’ the Dream!

Cara     Cara, RVT
I am a New Jersey transplant who originally went to school for the sciences. I started working in the local shelter my senior year at Monmouth University and never looked back. I have been a technician now for 20 years (!) and know I have the best career in the world. I share my home with my wife, her middle-aged cat, Pancake, our no-eyed cat, Mattie Ross, and our tripod border collie mix, Dottie the House Elf.

Isis     Isis, RVT
My life revolves around animals and helping them. I could not have chosen a better career for myself. I enjoy every minute of working at APH. My first memories as a child were of bonding with furry friends. I have a variety of pets: dogs, cats, ducks, and even reptiles. I love them all equally. Working at APH allows me to bond with more animals every day.

Corye     Cory
I’ve been working at Alameda Pet Hospital for over 10 years now, and I am proud to be a veterinary technician. I consider myself to be a cross between Ace Ventura and Dr. Doolittle, due to my humorous personality and love for all animals. No job is better than mine; I get to play with everyone’s pets all day. When I’m not at work, I’m out enjoying life with my family and friends.

Deb     Deb
I’ve been a vet tech since I was 15½ years old—and I'm old now. I love being a tech because it’s a great job. I’ve worked in emergency clinics to day practices, and I've learned a lot of things from each one. I've also been to school throughout the years. I have one dog: a Pit Bull named Leonightis, and a Thoroughbred named Baby Root. I think APH is by far the best place I’ve been a tech at yet. I’ve been here 9½ years. Still one of the best vet hospitals ever.

Mission Statement

At Alameda Pet Hospital we provide compassonate, professional veterinary care for both you and your pet. We strive to provide high-quality medical guidance to educate you about pet care for the entire life of your pet. We try to treat your pets as if they were our own.

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